J.H. McConnell, Residence, 1967, McConnell Collection, S270/1/6/5, Architecture Museum, University of South Australia Architects of South Australia     
Staff member in the architecture office of F. Kenneth Milne, c1920s, Milne collection S4, image courtesy Architecture Museum, University of South Australia Staff member in the architecture office of
F. Kenneth Milne, c1920s
Milne collection S4
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About the Project

Architects of South Australia is a database of material about the professional lives and contributions of a selection of the state's architects from 1836 to the present day. In addition to providing scholarly biographical information, the database also identifies some the architects' principal South Australian built works. Note, however, that the listings are not comprehensive.

The database is the public face of the South Australian Architects and their Works project that was undertaken by a team of academic researchers from the Architecture Museum, University of South Australia, with funding from the Department for Environment and Water. A project Reference Group guided the selection of architects for research in the original project. Since the Department for Environment and Water funded project finished, the database has been added to through the contribution of biographies written by academics, architectural and professional historians, and graduate students.

Original Research Team

Dr Christine Garnaut: Project leader and editor
Dr Julie Collins
Dr Susan Collins
Ms Alison McDougall
Mrs Christine Sullivan

Project Scope

Although the built environment is shaped by the work of many professions, the scope of this project is limited to architects. An architect is defined as an individual who, in colonial times, was referred to by that title or, later, one who had either an articled training, an academic education in architecture, or had satisfied the requirements of registration. The list of works provided for each architect is not comprehensive but rather is a selection of principal South Australian built works identified from the sources consulted.

How to use the database

The database can be used in two ways. You can either search by architect or by building. Instructions for searching each category are available by clicking on 'Architect search' or 'Building search' in the navigation bar above.

How to reference Architects of South Australia

Material sourced from an entry in Architects of South Australia should include the name of the author listed at the end of the entry; the title of the entry; the publisher: Architecture Museum, University of South Australia; date of electronic publication of the entry; the words, Architects of South Australia, and the website address. For example, Collins, Julie, 'Dancker, Frederick William', Architecture Museum, University of South Australia, 2008, Architects of South Australia: http://www.architectsdatabase.unisa.edu.au/

Notes on 'Style'

The definition of style is highly subjective. The styles referred to in the database are based on those defined by the accepted Australian text on this subject: Apperly, Richard, Irving, Robert, Reynolds, Peter L., and Mitchell, Solomon. (1989) A Pictorial Guide to Identifying Australian Architecture: Styles and Terms from 1788 to the Present. Sydney: Angus & Robertson.

Can you provide further information about an architect?

To send in additional information or information that can be confirmed from a reliable source please go to 'Contact & Feedback'.

Have you researched a South Australian architect who is not represented in the database?

Please go to 'Contact & Feedback'.

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